Mexico is an exquisite tourist spot, but when we compare the most beautiful Mexican tourist spots, then certainly, we need to Cancun. The Cancun city borders the Caribbean Sea, which is one of the exotic tropical seas in the Atlantic Ocean. Not only the islands and the beaches, but the interior of this fabulously tourist-friendly city is also enchanting with contemporary and historic buildings. The city is a tourist-friendly spot in Mexico with one of the best public transport systems. Thus, you do not have to worry about locomotion; it has three private bus line services connecting the city’s extremes.

In this article, we are only discussing Cancun’s most amazing beaches; however, this is not the only reason you must visit Cancun; many historical sites such as the Mayan pyramids, the picture-perfect Tulum spot, and the Cenote route are some of their kind. Let us have a look at the tropical beaches of Cancun to make your next trip to Cancun a life-time achievement for exploring the world beyond your imagination.

Playa Chac Mool Cancun.

Who does not want to enjoy the pleasant and serene environment at a white sand beach? The playa chac mool is one of the quiet and desolate beaches of Cancun. One con that most luxury-obsessed persons may not like is the unavailability of the basic tourist beach amenities, like the towels and the chairs. You need to go prepared at the very beach. For a prolonged stay, there are few resorts where you can stay for a week.  Photographers, artists, and people who want to spend some alone time love to visit the Playa Chac Mool beach.

Isla Perez.

It is an atoll, making it another marine site which most people do not know. Just in the mountain ranges, there are hills, and lakes, similarly on the oceanic side, there are archipelago and atolls. The Cancun city has a coral reef national park comprising of five atolls; the Isla Perez is among those exquisite sites.

It is the only inhabited atoll, so it is better for the tourists to come here to explore the world of atolls in Cancun, Mexico. You may accompany some of the best snorkelers and divers here. Reaching this amazing place is a bit different; you need to apply for a permit; they will ask you a few questions and then declare you ready to be at such a fabulous atoll in the Atlantic Ocean. As it is also a far-off patch of land, so there are no high-class amenities here, tourists need to go fully prepared.

Paraiso Beach Tulum.

Tulum is already a historic place, and most people already know about it. It borders with the carnelian sea, having a heavenly turquoise ocean with a white sand beach. It will be a wonderful and unforgettable experience at the Paraiso Tulum beach. Here the sea looks like a paint pallet having different colors. It is a relatively populated space with amazing resorts.

Isla Holbox.

If you want to recreate a party or an event, then the Isla Holbox is the place to be. Here you will not get to see many people; however, many businessmen are trying to initiate their business in Isla Holbox, it is mainly because of the business. So, if you are thinking of visiting this beach to enjoy tranquility and silence, then hurry up.

Akumal beach.

Do you love to see the crystal-clear water? The Akumal beach is known for it, and there are several other marine species to spruce up the look of the ocean. You can witness the live sea turtles reaching their destinations and enjoying the summer sun. The basic and most famous sports at Akumal beach are snorkeling and diving. People from all across the world come here to explore the crystal-clear oceans.

Playa Xpu-ha.

It is a secluded place, and many people come here to enjoy the solace of serenity combined with the silently pleasing sound of waves. It is the best beach for families and people who want to spend some alone time. It is safe and soothing. You can get different marine sports tools on rent here; it is very safe if you want to enjoy yourself with your family.


It is the second-largest reef in the world. Many people do not know about it; researchers and marine biologists come here to explore marine organisms’ contributions to the land. It is also referred to as a national park. There is a wide range of activities which you may enjoy with your friends and family; children love to see the dolphin show happening right inside the sea and the zip-lining. Many archeologists also head here to explore the history of the world. It is indeed a great place to visit with your family and friends.

Playa Tortugas.

If you are thinking of a nearby beach where you can enjoy the entire day without getting into any fuss, then this is the place to visit. It is one of the crowded beaches in Cancun, having all the basic facilities a traveler would need to spend a day at the beach.

Playa forum.

It is a relatively smaller beach and is near to the commercial sites. You can witness the growth of human life on land and the sprucing up beauty of nature on one side. You may learn about the indigenous techniques of snorkeling and diving here. It is a populous place with several amazing activities. You can also visit different beaches from this beach; it will be a cruising activity everybody will love.

Playa Delfines.

The color of this beach is heavenly. With no hotels and buildings at its shore, it has all-natural looks. Tourists come here to enjoy a bonfire, camping and spend the leisure time far away from the main city’s hustle and bustle. It will be a few hours trip as you will not get many facilities here. So, go when you have all the basic equipment and food.


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