If you are flying to America, particularly California, then it is necessary to witness the horizon of the Pacific-ocean at Pismo Beach, California. The Pismo beach is quite unique and exotic. You will get to drive freely on the white sand beaches. It is a picturesque sight, giving off a positive aura to the visitors. Many couples and tourists from all across the globe come here to make their special moments even more memorable.

For the lively tourists who want to try everything from a city, Pismo Beach is one of those places which offers everything. It has the best bars in America with exquisite delicacies. You may find yourself confused, but after all, there is some learning in experiencing something new. It is not a metropolitan region only. There are a few places where nature has been more than beneficial.

The monarch butterfly grove.

Do you love to see colorful insects touching you’re soft and then flutter to their favorite spot? It will be no less than witnessing something heavenly. If you are visiting California with your kids, family, or partner, it is a dreamy place. Every year more than 3 lac monarch butterflies migrate to the butterfly grove to keep themselves warm in winters. To witness these tiny yet beautiful mother nature crafts, you must visit the Pismo beach between November to February. It will be a bit cold, but you can experience the flutter of a hundred butterflies together.

Oceano Dunes SVRA

Those who want to do something wild can visit the Oceano Dunes SVRA. It is a sort of dessert, where you can go with your family or friends to camp for a night. It is an open space with sand dunes, ready for different sand sports. You can easily find motor cars, sand bikes, and other amazing vehicles here to make your trip to this locality worthwhile. Those who want to interact with the locals and learn some amazing skills regarding sand dune motorbiking come on weekends; otherwise, the best time to visit the Oceano dunes of Pismo Beach is the working days.

Pismo state beach.

Have you ever wondered about doing freshwater fishing at a beach? This is something unique, and everyone who visits California must come here once. It is like a regular beach and more. Here you can go snorkeling, diving, surfing, and boating. As it is a very wide beach so the visitors can also go for a beach drive, not many beaches in the world offer this. You can either hire a car to enjoy the waves while you are breathing in the rushing aerial waves or do it in your car.

Different sports clubs from all over America come here for racing competitions and camping. Here you get a separate area for camping and for other private recreational activities.

Pismo Preserve.

Those who want to go for a morning walk when in the metro cities should look for a place near the Pismo preserve. It has a ranch road of 10 miles where you can do different recreational activities with your friends or pets. It is a serene and pleasant place; on its one side, there is the pacific ocean, and the other side covers the stretched oak woodlands. You get a panoramic view of the shore and the green hills. Here there are several horses and bike riding trails.

Spyglass Park.

The spyglass park is a community park where different tourists come for family time. It has different fun activities. To reach the beach down the trail, you must wear joggers, and sneakers, as the trail is very steep. You can visit here for the hot sunbath and diving; it is a safe family place, where you can indulge in amazing fun activities with your friends and family. Many sports and activities communities have also initiated campaigning here to induce people to become a part of the sports such as golf.

Dinosaur caves park.

Several years ago, H.D. Brown began crafting a huge dinosaur that was visible from the road at this beach. Now you cannot witness that historic concrete dinosaur, which gave the beachy park its name.

This park is not about the gone dino only; it has another amazing chunk of nature which you may not get to see anywhere else. The caves have the partial caves ready to embrace you with all their magnanimity. People come here for the mesmerizing views of those hollow caves. Kayaking is the favorite sport of locals here; they come here to touch the stones of earth dwelling deep down in the dark blue Pacific Ocean.

Not only for the adults but it has several activities and exciting things for kids. They can engage themselves in those unique games; a few of them are also entitled to dinosaurs so that the park may retain its name. Lastly, it has a venue for those who want to plan their special ceremonies here; many couples plan their engagements and weddings as it is economical and feasible.

Pismo city beach.

Clam digging is the most trending thing on the Pacific Ocean beaches; both the locals and tourists are interested in digging up the clams and cook them for dinner. The fresh clams are far tastier than the ones you get in the restaurants. The Pismo city beach is known for this thrilling activity that you and your friends will love. It is a regular beach, with the best facilities and amenities. It is a populated area, so those who want to learn about the culture and the people should visit here.

Bob jones trail.

When you are tired but still want to explore the city, rush to the Bob Jones trail for a pleasant bicycle ride. You can get bicycles for rent and then cycle on the city to the sea trail. The best time to experience this enthralling view is in the evening when the mild sunlight will make the view a touch of gold.


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