Cuba has been a renowned country because of its political and ideological conflicts with the world. Neighboring the most significant countries of the Latin America and bordering the exotic beauty of the Caribbean Sea, Cuba is known for more than political reasons. Cuba has two currencies, an amazing cuisine, one of the best educational systems of the world, soothing indigenous music, and much more. Thus, traveling to Cuba and exploring some of this wonderful region’s strange facts is a worthwhile decision.

If you are a marine beauty lover, who wishes to keep the sight of every enthralling beach in his eyes, do not skip the Cuba beaches. We have come up with the ten best beaches in Cuba so that you must have a clear idea about where to go when in Cuba to explore the oceanic horizon of the Caribbean Sea. It is a heaven for everyone, be it a layman tourist, a scientist, or a researcher.   

Varadero beach.

It is the ideal place to have the Cuban beach experience. It is a luxury place, in fact, an executive beach for international tourists. The state has taken good care of this place, ensuring maximum delight and comfort. It is a 25 km long white sand beach facing the deep blue and exquisite horizon of Caribbean beach. Here the water is blue-green, which you often see in movies. However, one thing that may annoy someone who is investing a lot of money in this trip is the crowd. The Varadero is known for its water-based activities, such as snorkeling, sailing, and fishing, which is a craft for the Cuban people.

Caya coco.

The Caya coco is a breathtakingly beautiful place. It is no less than a piece of heaven. The wide stretch of light-shade water is something out of this world. It is one of the largest islands in Cuba, there are different amazing beaches, and most of them are the most enchanting beaches in the world. If you love kite surfing, then this is the Island to visit. It is remote and relatively less crowded than the rest, a quaint place to spend a few nights with your friends and family. To make your trip even better, you can rent out some luxury resorts there.

Cayo Santa Maria.

It is also a collection of different beaches. It is a 15 km stretch of magnificent white-sand beaches. It has different resorts, and the light blue Caribbean Sea is the main beauty of these beaches. For kids, there is a dolphinarium having different types of innocent dolphins.

Playa Guard Lavaca.

Would you wish to visit a palace that is declared the most beautiful place to be by Christopher Columbus? The one who has been traveling to different places and an established traveler? Of course, you will. So, the Playa Guard Lavaca is one of those places.

The natural beauty of Playa Guard Lavaca is in its indigenous trees, spread all across the beach. It has palm trees, sea grapes, and tamarind trees. Visiting the Playa Guard Lavaca is like visiting a farmhouse bordered by a light-blue sea.

Playa corals.

If you want to know how the sea is contributing to the earth or the overlapping features of the earth and sea, then you need to visit this beach. It is known for its massive corals. The water is not very deep thanks to the huge corals beneath it, making it one of the safe places where you can snorkel with your family and kids especially. There are several guides and experts here to help you in safe snorkeling. According to reports, there are around 300 species of fauna and flora, making it an attractive tourist spot for botanists and zoologists as well.

Playa Pilar.

Does the scenic beauty of white sand and crystal-clear water soothe you? and you wish to experience the land beneath the sea, then visit Playa Pilar is necessary. It is among the best beaches in Cuba, and its name is taken from the writings of Hemmingway as he was one of the famous poets who had spent a significant chunk of his precious time here.

Cayo Largo.

If you do not want to waste your family time and a trip to Cuba among the masses or want to spend some free time away from people. Then visiting this virgin beach is obligatory; you will get a sigh of relief here. All the literature lovers who have ever loved Robinson Crusoe would be delighted to know that this is the very Island of Robinson Crusoe.

It is not over-crowded does not mean that you will not get any essential facilities here, surprisingly here, you can avail of the best resort facilities and other amenities. It is slightly expensive to stay here, which is one of the main reasons why locals do not over-crowd this beach; it is thought to be one of the municipality’s strategies to keep the laymen away.

Cayo Sabinal.

It is also known as a commercial beach with cargo movements; however, it is still beautiful. This is something astonishing for a lot of people, the dirt track which leads to the beach depicts a disappointment, but once you reach near the blue sea, an ethereal horizon spreads in front of your eyes.

You must have seen horses and deer running beside the blue sea; at the Cayo Sabinal, you will be lucky enough to witness it live. It is undoubtedly an exotic beach with unparalleled beauty.

Playa Ancon.

If you are residing in south Cuba, then it is imperative to visit this beach. It is known as the best beaches of south Cuba. Many fishing lovers come here annually and bi-annually to entertain their souls with big fish games. It is not an all-white spot; there are several other things to watch. There are different shrubs lining the shoreline. You can dive into the reef spots to witness how the dead marine animals are contributing to the eco-system of ocean life.


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