London has been a hub of tourists pouring down from the length and breadth of the globe. One reason that makes it a fascinating tourist spot is the free places to visit. Museums with valuable assets collected from different parts of our diverse world and tall, mesmerizing castles are a symbol of London’s dignity.

There are various historically profound castles in London and in its countryside. Each castle is a symbol of the western struggle for renaissance and change. Many sociologists, historians, writers, and artists find these as a quench to their thirst for firsthand knowledge about London’s historical culture.

If you are planning to visit London as a tourist, and want to explore the city inside out, do not forget to visit the fantastic castles there. Do you not know where to start? Worry not, we will accompany you on this journey to spruce up your trip to London.

Dover castle.

Dover Castle, the key to England, is a symbol of English defense strategy. It is one of the largest castles in England; many people still believe it greater than the Windsor castle, which is true in many respects.  

It is a rare historic heritage site with enormous structure, and out of the three singular roman lighthouses, one is in the Dover castle. Even more interesting than this is the base of the castle, which is believed to be prepared long ago in the iron age. If you have ever read or watched the struggle for the English crown, this place can make you live those experiences.

The government has renovated and rebuilt the castle by splurging a huge amount of 2.45 million Pounds for the current tourists. They have mainly decorated the castle’s interior to give more life to it. It is located on faraway rural land near London and can be a revelation for peace lovers. Its monumental structure is no less than a vision.  

Windsor castle.

Want to add some royalty to your trip to London? Do not forget to visit the current royal residency. You need to buy a ticket to enter this old, glorified, royal heaven. The renowned King William founded it in the 11th century. The castle is a combination of two overlapping quadrilateral buildings, separated by two round towers in between.

The inside of the castle is divine, well-decorated, and as new as anything. It is quite like the ones you have seen in animated movies in your childhood. After visiting Windsor castle, you will at least be able to relate to every minion news you get regarding your highness.

Arundel castle.

Have you ever seen a castle built on a man-made hill and survived more than 1000 years? Arundel Castle is that historical monument. The castle’s surroundings are heavenly; wide grasslands bordered with trees give you a breeze of fresh air mixed with the 1000 years old cultural structure’s vibe; the interior is very impressive as the castle is one of the most inhabited castles in London.

Leeds castle.

It is one of the finest castles near London, located in Kent. It is one of the recent castles in England, built in the 19th century. The most amazing and enchanting thing about this place is the incredibly designed maze, people often get lost in it, but it is a whole different experience you cannot get anywhere else.

Highclere castle.

This castle is a lot different than the rest. It has the Egyptian décor is inside. Strange right? so why would not you go and witness this strangeness amidst the English culture? Before you plan to visit this castle in London, check if it is open for the public, it is a residence and is open for only 70 days and year.

Warwick castle.

Located beside the River Avon, this castle is a fairy tale beauty everyone should visit once to enjoy the lake’s serene ecosystem and the royalty of castles. The original Warwick castle was built with stone; now, the repetitive renovation has given it some cemented furnished structures as well.

Till the 16th century, the castle was a royal residence, but after the onset of the 17th century, it became a tourist spot. Now it is a theme park with several entertainment fun activities for you. Do not miss the opportunity to feel like an English commander here at Warwick castle.

Pendennis castle.

The Pendennis Castle is, in fact, a fortress built by Henry IV; even though it is a smaller castle, but still its view is perfect for a happy ceremony. If you are visiting London for a wedding or enjoying the anniversary, try having an event at Pendennis castle. The 450 years old sea-facing castle is indeed a memory to grasp.

Hever castle.

If you have studied English history, you must have known the art lover wife of Henry IV, Anne Boleyn. Hever castle was her residence; it is a doubled-moted stone-built castle with three floors, each filled with antiques. It is a museum. It has three mazes, each one of these is unique, but the most fascinating is the water maze, which has been a fun activity for the residents and is now for the visitors.

Buckingham Palace.

Who does not know this place? Having a vague idea of Buckingham palace when you can witness its life would not be wise. Even though this royal site is not open all year round, in July or August, you can have the golden chance to visit London’s renowned symbolic site.

The tower of London.

It is a defensive castle, built with two meticulously erected defense walls and white towers. The tower of London has been a significant place in the history of London. When needed, the rulers converted it to treasury or armory. It would not be wise to miss experiencing this precious place known as the home of English crown jewels, which are the symbol of English royal culture; it is undoubtedly one of London’s best heritage places.   


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