Australia will never stop mesmerizing the world with its indigenous wildlife and natural blessings. It is still a virgin place thanks to its distance from the rest of the world. Even though it has a minimal population but still the Australian architecture is no less than the Australian nature’s bounty.

If you have ever watched cartoon networks, then you can easily recall “the city of Townsville” in the power puff girls. It is the same city, which had amazing parks, the mayor’s house, and a quaint neighborhood. Even though the cartoon network was not promoting the city of Townsville but still, the animations have done so.

Anyways, if you are somebody who wants to explore the best Australian cities, head towards Townsville. It is an exotic town, marked as the largest tropical region in Australia, with the maximum shiny sunny days. Those who are in dire need of vitamin D must visit its beaches for sunbaths. Let us explore the city a bit to give you a virtual glimpse of it.

The magnetic island to make the most of the sunshine.

It is the magnetic shore as it has attracted not only the explorers from England and all across the globe, but now it has also become a suburb.  It is almost a 40 km ferry ride from the main city. You can stay there for a day; there are a few average guest houses, so do not expect much. The only reason why we have enlisted this amazing site here is the peaceful and serene environment with the amazing palm trees. As it is almost a virgin region with a minimal population, thus the wildlife feels safe while roaming here. The exotic trees and the koalas will make your trip a memorable one.

The strand beach.

It is a unique site with the tall palm trees giving off a special tropical feel. The strand area is a welcoming spot for everyone. While you enjoy the bright sun, the children can explore the amazing swings. It is an ideal safe place for a picnic. It is the spot from where you can visit the magnetic island. Those wishing to enjoy the military defense heritage sites can visit the barracks.  

Billabong sanctuary.

The billabong sanctuary is the hub of Aussie animals. Have you ever noticed that the animals of Australia are very exotic? It is an educational park both for adults and kids. There you can directly interact with the wildlife. There are different zookeepers to guide you about the animals. If you are staying in Townsville for a longer period, then you may join the club billabong.

Watching a crocodile show has been a fantasy for most of us. The only way to witness this profound feat is at the Billabong Sanctuary. You can enjoy an entire day here at the wildlife sanctuary.

Reef HQ Great barrier to experiencing marine life.

Do you love to scuba dive in the deep blue sea? Head over to the Reef HQ great barrier. It is the largest coral reef aquarium, where you may dive in to have a look at the sea turtles and the largest sea predators. Adjacent to it is the turtle hospital, which is always beefing with researchers and marine specialists. You can learn different eye-opening facts about water pollution and its impacts.

The army museum.

Exploring a city means learning about its history along with the contemporary advancement in the city—the army museum, also known as the Jezzine barracks, and the military museum of Queen’s land. For a foreigner, this place can be the center of the two world wars. If you feel about investing in this valuable information, so there are a few experts on the history there, you can hire them to explore more.


Townsville is a culturally rich place. The riverway and the quaint activities here are proof. You can enjoy the soothing trip to the riverside. The municipality has made this new plan for the tourist. Different people who are planning for a lavish event for their marriages or engagements organize their events here. There is an amazing art gallery with enchanting art works. Finding a hotel near the riverway will be no less than a blessing for those who are here on a long trip.

Whale watching tours.

Do you want to witness the white humpback whales diving deep into the sea? Then you need to visit the Orpheus island, from there you will go for the sea cruise. These trips are launched by the marine biologists they are to guide you about the marine life. All you need to do is book your slot and then visit Lucinda, which is almost 45 minutes away from the main city. Kids love this adventure; the beaches are a natural sanctuary for sea turtles, crabs, and lobsters. These hot water sea cruises will be a memorable experience for you and your family.

SS Yongala dive.

The name of this exquisite diving site is in commemoration of the SS Yongala ship, which was lost in 1911. Until 1958 it remained undiscovered. Luckily when the scuba divers and marine cruising groups discover this old-drowned ship, they explored the natural significance of this place. It is teeming with the unique marine organisms, sharks, rays, and turtles. It is not for those who cannot bear the water pressure; only adults should try it, and that too with the experts.

Botanic gardens.

Are you the one dotting on flowers? Visit the botanic garden; it has the best flowers, no less than a royal garden. There are almost four gardens in Townsville, each one with its unique features. The first one is the royal garden; natives also call it as the Queen’s gardens, established in 1870.  The best time to visit the Queen’s garden in the spring season. Then we have the Townsville Palmetum, which is a garden for the palm farming. Anderson Garden is another largest garden with limited ornamental flowers.  


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