The word Mexico City is a charming term to hear. Mexico City is the capital of one of the most vibrant and culturally rich countries, Mexico. Anyone who wishes to travel around the world must have thought to reside in Mexico City as well; otherwise, this world tour would not be complete. Are you one of those lucky travelers who will visit Mexico City? We are here to help you find the best neighborhoods and places in Mexico City to stay in for the entire trip.

Neighborhoods do play a crucial role in city excursions. Living far away from the city with no peculiar cultural depiction of the land is lame and a waste of money. As far as the culturally diverse Mexico City is concerned, it is obligatory for every tourist to stay in the city’s most gleaming areas. The following are the nine best neighborhoods in Mexico City for tourists across the globe. 


It is also known as the Ciudad Juárez. It is one of the most populated areas in Mexico City, teeming with shops, restaurants, and the best malls in Mexico City. It is in the vicinity of the US border, thus also considered as the main exit and entry point to the US.

One attraction that is perfect for tourists to the boat about their trip to Mexico City is the divine cathedral Ciudad Juarez, which is a fascinating craft of neoclassical architecture. Another fantastic place in this bewitchingly unique neighborhood is the museum of the revolution, where you can gather knowledge about Mexican history.

Colonia Centro.

If you are an art lover or a history freak, this is the place to inhabit to make your Mexico City experience a full-fledged dose of knowledge. It is in the heart of the amazing Mexico City; traveling from Colonia Centro is a bang for the bucks, you can get the best public transport here. On top of that, the two famous Mexican museums, the memory and tolerance museums, are situated there. Secondly, to quench your thirst for fine arts and arts in general, the fabulous Mexico City has a fine arts museum, having world-famous art antiques and paintings.

Santa Fe.

If you are a nature lover and want to enjoy the natural eco-systems of one of the most urbanized cities globally, try residing in the Santa Fe neighborhood of Mexico City. You must be wondering that Santa Fe is a naturally secured environment-friendly area, which is not valid. There is a twist in the story; the Santa Fe neighborhood has artificially grown greenery, also referred to as the “new lungs of the city.”

Santa Fe is, in fact, an urbanized place with skyscrapers and a cosmopolitan outlook. However, here you will get a balanced life with both contemporary life experiences and the greenery.


Mexico City can never disappoint art lovers. The Coyoacan is a famous place as it has the Frida Kahlo’s museum here. The Coyoacan is a populated neighborhood, but you can still claim it an out-of-the-ordinary spot to live in Mexico City.

It has colorful, bright walls, making it a quaint place to reside while you want to enjoy the true color and hospitality of the Mexican people. If you want to enjoy the Mexican culture in an affordable residence, this is the place to check-in.

Centro Historico.

Mexico City is also known for the Aztec empire, and the most amazing depiction of it is in the el Centro. Its fascinating historic buildings marked as UNESCO’s heritage sites made this spot the main tourist attraction in Mexico City.

It is the oldest part of the city with European-style architecture. The grand national palace is a depiction of Spanish and Mexican culture. The murals on the neighborhood’s wall and the exquisite buildings situated all around the community will take you back in time.  


Are you a foodie? This place is a well-defined center for all food lovers. It has Latin America’s most famous restaurants. Not only this, but there is also a lot more to boast about this undoubtedly amazing neighborhood. It has the famous boutiques of Latin America.

Not only this, to the north of this neighborhood is the amazing aquarium and the free art museum. Making it one of the most diverse neighborhoods in Mexico City. Keep in mind that all these luxuries would not come cheap you need to pay the price to attain these fascinating experiences.

La Condesa.

It is primarily a residential place, its uber urban locality with apartments, buildings, and beautiful family parks. Moreover, there are a few affordable clubs for youngsters to enjoy their trip. Moreover, there are several gourmet restaurants and karaoke bars. Lastly, if you also want to buy the best brand boutique dresses, then there are several boutiques as well, it is a great business hub of Mexico city; thus, certainly a suitable place for the businessmen to stay and enjoy their visit.       

Paseo de La Reforma.

Do you want to visit the Mexican version of Times Square? The Paseo De La Reforma is the place to visit. You can enjoy the urbanized night beauty of Mexico City here; the skyscrapers and the massive buildings in this metropolitan neighborhood would look fantastic. Moreover, it has a fantastic spot for the foodies, with different indigenous Latin American cuisine.


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