Beaches of Koh Phangan are Just Amazing for Every Visitor

Beaches of Koh Phangan

1) Malibu Beach

Malibu Beach is located in the northern village of Chaloklum, which is famous for its white-sand beaches, a lot of Palm trees, small bars, and crystal clear turquoise water. If you want to view the fantastic mountains of Koh Phangan, a visit to this lovely island is a must.

2) Leela Beach

Also known as Haad Seekantang and popularly called Leela Beach, This Island is located in the southeast of Koh Phangan (precisely in Haad Rin). Visit this island if you are a fan of the full moon party, which occurs monthly here.

Have a great view of Koh Samui from this beach. The sand here is partially white, and the water is clear and suitable for swimming.

Look at the small lighthouse of Koh Phangan here, which is famous for lighthouse parties held here. Hire a jetty to view Leela beach and Koh Samui.

3) Haad Yuan

At a distance of 2 miles from Haad Rin, Haad Yuan is the party beach, which remains less crowded. Hikers here can hike the Haad Yuan trail, which would be two hours walking experience, or you can hire a boat trip. Unique bungalows and bars on the shoreline will keep you hooked. Every Saturday night is a party night on this beach.

4) Haad Son

Haad Son, also known as secret beach, is one of the new beaches in Koh Phangan. A short swimming trip will take you to a coral reef.

Come! All snorkeling lovers, this beach is for you, a relatively protected and safe destination for families. Enjoy the white sand, blue water, and the most beautiful views on this beach.

5) Mae Haad

This is one of the most exciting beaches of Koh Phangan, with white sandy beaches stretching to a national nature reserve and marine park. Easily accessible on foot, this beach is a narrow strip of sand where both kids and adults can enjoy participating in adventurous walks and snorkeling.


Explore the local village and the white sand of the beach. Make your lifetime memories.


6) Thong Nai Pan Noi

This beach is full of bungalows and luxurious villas. You should visit if you want to stay on the beachside residency.


Thong Nai Pan is the more extensive section of this beach where you can witness mesmerizing sunrises, fabulous beaches, and explore natural attractions nearby.


For foodies, there are excellent restaurants where you can party till you drop.

Opportunities are there for swimming and snorkeling lovers. Walk to the waterfall or join the sunset yoga classes held on the beaches.

7) Haad Salad

With the beautiful and quiet atmosphere, this is one of the best bet beaches of Koh Phangan. Also called us salad beach, this is a lovely beach with blue and green water and white sand on which the palm trees create a shadow on a hot day.

Besides luxurious options, there are cheap and affordable restaurants on the beachside. Enjoy yoga sessions in the yoga retreat Center or learn local cooking from a cooking school.

8) Bottle Beach

Also known as Haad Khuat, Bottle Beach is one of the most accessible beaches where you can reach hiring a long tail boat from Chalok Lam. Hikers would love to explore the three-hour hiking trail leading to Bottle Beach. With accommodations and eateries lined along the beach, you can unwind on the sand or swim along safely on this beach. The beach witnesses the least crowds all year-round.

There are many more options if you want to explore beaches on the island of Koh Phangan. So, reach Thailand and be on the beach choosing from the best, crisscross the island, or renting a motorbike.