Are you planning to visit Asia? Then do not forget to have a sneak peek into the amazing beaches of Langkawi, especially when it is the urge to witness the warm water beaches that are taking you to Asia. Many tourists do not know much about the Langkawi beaches, even though these are among the best beaches in Asia. Langkawi is very much like the Maldives, as it is also an archipelago near Malaysia. These islands are a territory of the state of Kedah; many people misconstrue these as a part of Malaysia, which is not true. So, if you are thinking of visiting Langkawi beaches, you need to get another visa from the state of Kedah.

There are almost 99 islands in this archipelago, which means that you can have a whole vacation here for the love of beaches and marine life. It has its very own species, which are not anywhere in the world; this peculiarity is somewhat a blessing for the Kedah state, which maintains a constant flow of tourists all year round.

Not only the beaches but the monumental bridges and the cable cars capturing the wide green horizon of Kedah and the warm-water seas.

Black sand beach.

Have you ever wondered about witnessing a beach with black sand? The Langkawi has that fictional beach with dark-colored sand; many filmmakers and writers come here to give life to their imagination of nature’s unreal beauty. The main beach area is not crowded, and there are a few stalls. If you are visiting it with your family, then make sure to buy some food and other amenity stuff from the outer vicinity of the black sand beach.

Teluk datai.

It is a luxurious beach specially maintained and built for the upper class. But if you can afford it, then this is a beach away from the general masses where you can enjoy some alone time. Keep in mind that the Teluk Datai beaches are situated in a remote land, where you may not get the full facilities, and it can be a bit challenging for tourists; it is advised to consider the travel agent’s guidance in this matter for a worry-free trip.

Pantai Tengah.

It is a crowded place full of life. There you can enjoy some amazing kites and cultural festivals. The most amazing aspect of this beach is the mountain range, with not a single human construction. You can see the Malaysian beach from this shore; you can enjoy the fantastic sunset without any obstruction. Secondly, you can also go out for a mini family cruise by making the Pantai Tengah your base beach, as it neighbors several other islands as well.

Tanjuag Ruhu public beach.

If you are a sunset chaser, this is the beach to spend your evenings at. It has the most colorful sunsets; moreover, it is a bit away from the urban areas making it a quaint place to stay with your family and loved ones. You can take your car to the beach site if permitted, but it is slightly different for locals. It is a small beach good enough for a mini bonfire and party because you would not see many people here.

Tunjung Rhu. 

Okay, so this is something really momentous. Nature, with its full bounty, is showing the magnificent rock formation. The big rock-like islands with a rough appearance and green vegetation spots floating like clouds in the deep blue sea are a breathtaking view and undoubtedly a vision every tourist would wish to witness once in their lives.

With its natural importance and the aesthetic contribution to the Asiatic beaches, the government has made several amazing resorts. A few of them are the oldest resorts in Langkawi. It is a semi-luxurious beach with all the amenities one can wish for when enjoying the vacation in Langkawi.

Pantai Kok.

It is a white sand beach. Having many resorts with beautiful verandah, terces, and an entire-homes. You can go for the family vacations here. Here you can have the experience of a Yacht club and other sports club. Here you can stay for a longer video.

Moreover, it has a lighthouse and some Moorish-style cottages. Claiming it as the dreamiest beach in Langkawi, having several beautiful man-made spots. It is certainly a place where man-made creativity and natural creativity are in full bloom, providing a guaranteed soothing experience.

Shark bay beach.

Do you want to go surfing and enjoy the high tide? The shark bay beach is a place to explore. The tide goes quite high, which is the most important thing. We recommend you to go here to feel the wind. It is a site for romantic couples; there are several huts and cabins here for those who do not want to spoil the sea-view when there is scorching sun outside. The best part about this beach is the availability; it is open for the public 24/7.

Pantai Cenang.

The Pantai Cenang is a famous beach for foodies. If you want to enjoy the local cuisine, desserts, and indigenous foods of Langkawi. If you want to visit the beach every day during your stay in Langkawi, this is the best beach as it is only 15 minutes away from the residential area. You do not need to have a car; you can come here on foot.

Els beach.

It is not an official beach. However, just a spot on the land where the sea is touching the land. If you want to enjoy the oasis feeling where there is no one to disturb you. It is near the black sand beach, so before you go to explore the most famous beach of Langkawi, you can also take a break here. Many fishermen and snorkel lovers can come here to enjoy sea sports. It is a special place for experts, a novice person should not come here for sports, as there are no guards and lighthouse to save you.


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