Vietnam is one of the oldest South Asian countries, and this ancient spot has been a natural spot for those who want to explore the history of mankind. It has been a hub of several historical excursions, and the major cities like Hanoi have accumulated many momentous buildings, streets, and areas depicting the 5000 years old history of the region. It is not about the expression of Vietnamese culture but also the tendencies and living norms of the entire region. Visiting Hanoi city will be a bumper package with various exotic experiences, from the indigenous culture to the delectable food of Vietnam.

This article is about the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi. If you are traveling to Southeast Asia, do not forget to expose yourself to the wonderful world of Hanoi. Traveling and exploring a city like Hanoi is not a one-day affair. Hanoi is the center of the cultural imprint of the Vietnamese culture. It is an amalgam of both the old culture and the new innovative world. To discover this extravagantly profound city appropriately, you need to stay at the best place.

Hai Ba Trung.

If you are a millennial who loves to explore the revolutionized culture of an old city and want to see the infrastructural development the city has undergone, then it is better to stay in Hai Ba Trung. It is occupied with cinemas, skyscrapers, and magnificent shopping malls. It is a type of business hub for many businessmen, and most business or commercial meetings are organized here.

On top of it, if you are interested in meeting the state-of-the-art universities and educational institutes, then nothing can be a better region than Hai Ba Trung. Lastly, those who wish to see Vietnamese fashion can also peek into the best fashion boutiques of the country. Finding luxury and modern hotels in Hai Ba Trung is as simple as ABC; many investors have known the need for luxury hotels and have invested a lot in this sector.

Hoan Keim District.

The Hoan Keim district is the center of Hanoi. It is the clear and virgin imprint of the Hanoi culture. It has a French headquarters. The best part about this locality is the affordability; the restaurants are very reasonable if you are out with your friends and want to save money during this trip to go out for luxurious excursions.

Those interested in the indigenous lifestyle of Vietnamese would love to stay here and have some time staring into the people’s culture and daily life routines. It is a profound activity with several messages; photographers, sociologists, and writers sit here for hours just to understand the trend of life.

Lastly, as it is the heart of the city, that is why it is easier to travel to the edges and the peripheries. Public transport is readily available in this region. So, you do not have to waste time ins searching for cars and buses.

Ba Dinh.

It is again a great site to stay when in Hanoi. It has museums, preserving the unique culture of the region. It is one of those secrets which anyone could love to explore, having the war art and the historical expression of the French and Chinese colonies here. You can visit the temple of literature, which is heaven for those who want to study the arts and literature of the South Asian regions. It is a fountain of Chinese philosophy; those who know how profound it is will find it irresistible.

Then we have the UNESCO heritage sites like the Citadel of Thang long; it is a type of museum containing history. As Vietnam has been a French colony, so it has a world-famous French presidential palace Hanoi. It is a depiction of French architecture in Vietnam, which is itself a miracle expressing the strength and impact of human art, which knows no borders. There are several museums and mausoleums in the neighborhood, making it one of the most historically rich neighborhoods of Hanoi.

Truc Bach.

It is a modernized commute and an ideal place for those who are in Hanoi for work also. It has the best restaurants and a modern place to live. It has the Truc lake beside it, where you can go for a morning walk; this is one of the best neighborhoods for those who are aspiring to live in Hanoi a little longer and want to settle their everyday life here.

The markets are nearby you do not have to worry about it much, in fact, this region has one of the biggest markets in the city. It is a slightly expensive region, and you must know the negotiable and reasonable rates if you want to save money while you are here.

Dong Da.

This is the place for food lovers who want to enjoy the Vietnamese culture inexpensively. It has middle-class communities, which is a sign of affordability. The streets are often crowded, and you have to bear with it. One thing which distinguishes the Dong Da as an exquisite place is the number of beautiful lakes here. You can go fishing and enjoy the leisure time here. Moreover, if you are a sports lover, there is a famous stadium.

Tay Ho.

If you have been to Vietnam or lived here in the past, you may think that this place is the old town of fishermen. But now it has become a developed area with many modern facilities, making it one of Hanoi’s great districts. It is an amalgam of every facility, both for the rich and the poor. Whoever comes to Tay Ho finds himself lucky as he gets to buy the best organic honey and fish here. It is a hub of early Vietnamese civilization, so it is also a great place to explore the history of Vietnam. You do not have to travel much, but taxis and public buses are easily available, so tourists do not have to worry much about it.


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