The Philippines is a country with over 7000 islands, which is a miracle. If you are a loner, director, or writer, then the Philippines is one of the earthy heavens for you. Luckily only 2000 islands in the Philippines are inhabited, and the reaming islands are the virgin beauty of nature.

If this year you want to explore the Asian continent, then we are here to help you. We have picked the ten largest islands of the Philippines to help you reach your dream beach and islands. The Philippines is the heart of wonderful, picturesque nature’s bounty with colorful cliffs, coral reefs, and dazzling sea with sunlight.

On top of that, the Philippine government, especially the local governments of different islands, have pledged to preserve the natural beauty of the earth, which is one of the best reasons why tourists are visiting the Philippines. Many nations who have been blessed with the distinct nature of beauty are taking notes from the Philippines.


If you are a mountaineer or want to go for a hike when out to enjoy the high tides of the sea, then visiting the Mindanao island is necessary for you. It has the tallest mountain in the Philippines, mounts apo. The total area of Mindanao island 37,600 square miles. It is a relatively populated island, and the strategic importance of this island has made it an important site in the Philippines. If you want to visit different seas in a single go, then do not forget to stay in Mindanao for a day or two. In the north, it has the Mindanao sea, and in the South, you can get glimpses of the sunset at the Celebes Sea; in east and west, it has the Philippine and Sulu sea.   


It is the 15th largest island in the world. If you want to enjoy the culture and Philippines hospitality, then do visit this populated island. Many businessmen and other people who come to the Philippines for work do visit Luzon.


Have you ever heard of producing electricity with volcanic power? It is something we all now want to know, but still, we need to explore it. The highest peak of this island is known to generate volcanic energy, which is the main source of electricity in the Philippines; now, this is something intriguing. You will see vast sugar cane fields in Negros; it is one of the Philippines’ largest islands, but still, it is smaller than the many islands of the world with only a few cities.

One divine thing that many people wish to witness is the Philippines’ coral reefs; when someone says that they want to visit the Philippines for the marine habitats, they are most probably talking about the underwater coral reef of negros.


Bohol is an old island with old ancient stone churches. Secondly, it has large hills like coral reefs, depicting the rule of water on land. It shows that millions of years ago, the Bohol island was a part of the sea. These wonderful, picturesque hills are known as the chocolate hills. They are not really made of chocolate, but the tinted limestone, which is also a type of corals, is an out-of-the-world experience such coral reefs are not anywhere else in the world. Scientists and researchers from across the globe come here to explore it.

Neighboring Bohol is some of the exotic tourist places, one of them is the Cabo gnaw cave, it is a cave-like island having a pool of water inside, artists, photographers, and travel lovers can never resist the beauty of such a place. Moreover, there are many waterfalls here, so you may get the true experience of being in an exquisitely beautiful natural habitat.


Leyte is a whole province, which is also known for its historical importance in world war 2. Here you can enjoy everything, from hot springs, waterfalls, beaches, Wildlife safari, and neighboring islands. Nature has been an extra here; the most famous lake at Leyte is the violin-shaped lake, the wondrous mountains surrounding that unique lake is an enchanting vision for those who are always thirsty for the heavenly abodes on earth.

Many people come here for the eco-tours as well, neighboring the Leyte island is the kalanggaman islands with white sand, it is a virgin site and is uninhabited, you can have a day trip there or go for a picnic with your family and loved ones.

Surprisingly, this island is a culturally rich spot as well; it has a museum with many artistically divine old paintings and crafts. Many artists across the world come here to understand Filipino and Spanish art. Lastly, you can enjoy the volcanic national park as well, which will be an exotic exploration for the new tourists.


Palawan island is no less than a spot of heaven on earth. It has everything a tourist can ask for, from wildlife to the serene sunsets at the beach, you name it, and the Palawan island has it. UNESCO has declared it as a world heritage site.

For deep sea divers or freshwater explorers, it has the Puerto Princes underground river, which is one of its kind. It has been voted as the most beautiful island in the world in 2016 and 2007.


Cebu island is for those who want to enjoy the most dramatic scenery of nature. It is known as the “queen of the south” because of its unparalleled natural beauty. It is an archipelago, having different islands surrounding it. It is a relatively populated area, but luckily the population is not an annoying one; the municipality and local governments have made sure to keep them to the center of the city.

From the cultural point of view, it has several churches which were established during the Spanish colonial era. Secondly, the beautiful resorts such as the island in the sky mountain resort are irresistible. It is undoubtedly a must-visit site.   


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