If you are fond of the massive and exquisite rock formations touching the dark blue ocean and the white sand simultaneously with a slight touch of greenery, then your next American destination should be the Big Sur, CA. It is a unique place, and you will not find any similar picturesque scene anywhere else in America; it is one of its kind. Sunset chasers, beach lovers, and cliff climber who want to observe the width and stretch of the sea with the imperfect capacity of their sight.

As far as the region’s geography is concerned, it’s a special blessing from mother nature. It has a mountainous range lining the shore of the Pacific Ocean. Those who are unable to visit Hawaii must come here to get somewhat similar vibes with a tropical backdrop and the turquoise sea.

 It is undoubtedly an enchanting beach point for all nature lovers. It feels like it is claiming to be a pleasant spot offering everything for everybody; you are a diver/surfer, welcome. Oh, if you are a mountaineer who wants to climb cliffs, it has a beautiful mountain range for you. Unlike the regular mountain climbing here, you will get to witness the deep blue Pacific Ocean.

Those who come to California know its worth; a week’s stay in the metro city of California will make you realize how important it is to get a blow of fresh area. The beauty of this region also lies in the contrastive feeling which both the tourists and the locals feel when in the main city.

Cyprus grove trail.

It is more like a jungle in the wilderness. Having the best colored dark blue sea with the white waves is a slightly tough climb, but it is worth it. The best time to climb it is before the sunset or the sunrise so that you may be able to observe the beauty of the three magnificent miracles of nature simultaneously: the sun, ocean, and the mountains.

Pfeiffer big sur park.

All adventure lovers must visit this spot to quench their thirst for adventure. It has an amazing trail for hiking; many scouts come here every year to explore California’s most celebrated trails.

Scouts tend to book these spots in advance for camping; it has the redwood trees, giving off the forest vibes and the feeling of being lost. It is a bit overwhelming for those who have never stayed in a forest before. It is a preserved forest, so do not think that there are no wildlife species. You can hear the high tide but reaching the sea is impossible. It is quite far, so it may be a setback for those who cannot resist the sound of the sea.

It is not a lost wilderness altogether. Here you will get the best indoor amenities to relax and refresh. A few grocery stores with juices and food are what you would crave after a day-long hike.

Limekiln state park.

Do you want to see the quaint beach sides which we all have seen on the calendars or the postcards, then visit the Lime Kiln state park? It is an out-of-the-ordinary seaside. It has restrooms and a hiking trail to enjoy the view. Above all, you can hire a ferry and travel to Washington DC.

You must be wondering why it is called the Limekiln state park; the name was coined for the three famous lime kilns here. Unlike the rest is has a surprise for you; it leads to waterfalls and the redwood to make it a memorable trip.

Bixby bridge.

It is a cold cost road, and in winters, the road connection cut is inevitable. So, to tackle this traveling issue, the Bixby Bridge was constructed. It is famous because of its scenic view. Many tourists from across the globe come here to take pictures and make this construction on the backdrop of the dark ocean.

Point Lobos state natural reserve.

Whaling was a thing for traders a few centuries ago. This is a historic point for sailors and marine researchers. It is a virgin place having the intact wildlife, which is often visible during the hike. It is a deep seacoast, thus the best region for scuba diving. You can go here to do some adventure with your friends. Do not worry; they have the lifeguards to keep an eye on you.

Also, there are some no-go areas where you are not supposed to go. Secondly, the cliffs and mountains are very much dramatic; they are not round or plain, each stone seems to be a fossilized body of some ancient mammal.

henry miller memorial library.

The henry miller library is not a tourist spot but a center of arts and culture. It has an emancipating power to attract writers, poets, and social workers from across the globe. Here you can enjoy the serene silence of the park and learn about American history.

Andrew Molera state park.

The Andrew Molera state park is an aloof region. It is also a quaint place to spend the evenings with a bonfire, along with your friends and family. For those who want to go for a silent, alone time or have some fun activities in mind that they want to do at the beach. The trails are a bit sandy and damp here, so you must not wear some expensive joggers to visit this place.

Julia Pfeiffer Burns park.

What else can be more pleasing the witnessing a waterfall beside the shore? This place is a piece of heaven. The Mcway falls an enthralling view. Space is not very broad and large, but it has to be the best beach site, with the amazing redwood and pacific madrone trees.

Garrapata state park.

It is also an amazing site for hiking. If you are in California for the first time, the best part about this area is the lesser crowd. It has the longest hiking trail, and many old men who want to keep themselves fit come for a weekly visit regularly.


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