The Cambodian government has now permitted tourists to avail themselves of a 30-day standard visa, which is enough for those who want to visit Cambodia’s enchanting beaches. Every year almost 6 lac tourists visit Cambodia to explore the charming beauty of nature in southeast Asia. There are a total of 28 beaches in Cambodia, but here we will only consider the ten amazing beaches, which will give you a complete understanding of Cambodian culture and tourism. Our brief guide about the ten best beaches to visit in Cambodia can save your time and help you choose the best sites to make your trip a memorable experience. 

1.      Victory beach.

Victory beach is one of the urbanized and developing beaches in Cambodia. It is not the best beach in Sihanoukville, but still, it is of great importance if you want to explore the industrialization process in developing Cambodia. The most beautiful natural feature at Victoria beach is Palm trees’ long-extended line, touching the deep blue sea with their boughs and large spread leaves.

2.      Sok San beach.

 The Sok San beach is a blessing from God, the white sand and the light blue water touching the soul of the earth. It is one of the longest beaches in Cambodia. It is undoubtedly a serene place for those who do not want to experience a crowded environment. Many memorable films and reality shows were shot here, and with the passage of time, this amazing beach is getting popular among the world’s tourist population.

Another fantastic feature of this place is the phosphorescent water, which makes the dark seawater sparkle at night—making your stay in Cambodia an amazing dream. There are different guesthouses and resorts beside the beach; staying there will be a whole new experience of waking up and sleeping while facing the silent and profound sea.

3.      Sokha Beach.

If you want to stay for a family trip in Cambodia, do not skip the enthralling white sand Sokha beach. It is a 0.9 miles long beach with several large resorts. These are not ordinary resorts; they have swimming pools, landscaped gardens, and spa facilities in them. Those are, in fact, a complete package for families and people who are in Cambodia for only a few days; they can enjoy a wide array of different activities while staying in a single place. Moreover, different divers who want to experience scuba diving in the deep sea come here to explore the world under the sea.

4.      Otres beach.

If you love to enjoy a day at islands, which are indigenous to southeast Asia, having different plants and animal species. The Otres beach neighbors’ different islands can go for a trip on those islands for swimming, boating, or writing some good poetry. For adult tourists, there are various bars serving delicious seafood and juices. The best time to visit the Otres is Saturday, when it is in full bloom with almost everything you can ever wish for.   

5.      Koh tonsay beach.

The Koh tonsay beach is known as the rabbit beach, because of an amazing island near it which looks exactly like a rabbit. It has many restaurants, always filled with different tourists from across the world. Here you can feel like a tourist; here, the sellers are more hospitable towards tourists. It is a relatively small beach, only a 250-meter stretch, but here you can enjoy the peaceful scenic sea away from the regular crowd.

6.      Independence beach.

The independence beach is a fantastic site for those who cannot live without luxuries or want to have a luxurious and high-quality Cambodian trip. The name of the beach is derived from the name of a five-star hotel built on the beach. It is one of the executive sites of Cambodia, often known for rich people’s entertainment sites.

7.      Lazy beach.

The lazy beach is, in fact, an island; you will have to travel there in a boat from the bay of Koh Rong Saloem. It is again known for the peaceful environment; it is not inhabited only a few bars, and restaurants are running their small business to provide the basic utilities to the tourists. The favorite pastime here is snorkeling and kayaking.

Another fabulous experience that most of you will wish to gain repeatedly is the glistening sunlight on the sea and the turquoise shade of surrounding mountains. It would be a picturesque scene for artists and nature lovers, certainly a gift of untouched nature.

8.      Lamherkay beach.

Are you a wildlife lover? Or want to explore the unknown species of flowers and plants? The Lamherkay beach is the place to visit. This place is known for the amazing flower and plant species; many people visit it to collect scents and grafted species of these flowers. Many people complain about accommodation, government and locals do not want tourists to create unnecessary crowd by staying here, maybe that is why there is still no accommodation. 

9.      Serendipity beach.

These are two beaches; both are covered with white sand backed by the rocky landscape. The seashore is always covered with ferries and boats of local fishermen on one side or for tourists to go deep in the sea. It is a relatively crowded beach; locals love to come here for the sunset. It is an affordable place for young tourists who want to start from an economical place in Cambodia; secondly, it is also a great option to explore Cambodians’ hospitality and culture.

10. Koh thmei.

It is a silent beach, a special place for couples and families who want to enjoy their privacy. You can visit it for bonfires and beachside camping. Moreover, kids love this place because dolphins and other sea creatures find it an amazing spot to come by and witness life on earth. It is not a single beach, rather a group of different peaceful sea-sides, with white sand light-blue water. The only accommodation here is the bungalow, which is quite expensive, as they are always high in demand.


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